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Performing Online Background Checks Correctly Online background checks are very useful, as they can tell you a lot about a person including any permits they might have, their criminal history, their employment history, their education, plus more. Several different people use these background checks, such as employers screening a potential employee to look for issues in their past, or when they want to check for accuracy on a resume. A lot of people don’t understand that performing a background check can be easily done by anyone who has access to a computer.

Since the information you can find from a background check is public record, it’s not against the law to use a background check service, as long as you have no ill intent for the information. When you want to do background checks for teachers, coaches, or potential babysitters and child care-givers, a background check is a very important preliminary step.

Basic Search

Before you spend anything, you can try doing your own online background checks by using a search engine to look into someone’s past history. You might find all you need by doing a simple search. You can start by putting in the person’s full name, putting quotes around it. If they have a common name, you could try putting the state they live in with it as well.

Since some kinds of information is public record, when you do an online search you might be able to find things such as arrest records, court documents, or even opinions written by others about the person’s abilities or demeanor. You might also find journals and blogs, social network profiles and personal websites, all of which will help you get more information about the person.

Look for A Good Background Check Service If you can’t get all the information you need on your own, you can use a background check service for any online background checks you might need. They are usually pretty affordable and could range between ten to twenty-five dollars. These types of searches will give you information such as aliases, past employment, past addresses, permit statuses and other information that is personal. You will also find that criminal background information is available, but many of the background check services will charge you an extra fee for this particular information. However, with a criminal background check, you can find out about any charges, arrests, convictions, and other things about a person’s criminal history that could help you to make a decision about hiring or dealing with that person.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember that some information such as credit history and other sensitive information isn’t available to consumers. It is actually illegal to get this information about someone else without them first knowing about it. Also, as an employer, remember that using certain information to make a hiring decision is restricted. For instance, a past arrest record that didn’t culminate in a conviction isn’t a valid reason to not hire someone, and could actually get you in legal trouble for basing your decision on that type of information. Even as a parent hiring a nanny or babysitter, you are thought of as a type of employer, so your state might say that you have to follow all or some of the employer requirements for online background checks.

How to Get Access to California Criminal Records

Many people find themselves in a situation where it would be incredibly helpful to have access to California criminal records – from custody disputes and divorces to interviewing prospective childcare providers and independent contractors, having the ability to do your own California criminal background check can make a major difference in your life. Some people even find themselves in need of their OWN records, such as people looking to expunge criminal record in California or something similar.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that they do have safe, legal methods for obtaining this kind of information, which can have serious detrimental effects on their lives in many situations, particularly if you are looking to expunge criminal record in California or need to provide proof in a legal case against someone else.

But if you are in need of access to these public records, regardless of the reason behind it, don’t worry – there are options available to you that are %100 legal, not to mention quick and easy, and they come in the form of three different public records search services.


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